We, P&P Partners Corporation

is specialized Company for Korea packaging equipment. We have handled various projects which related with Pharmaceutical, Food Supplement, Cosmetic, Beverage and etc through our past 20 years in this field.

Our aim

is to introduce and guide Korea Packaging Equipment which can be applied to Pharmaceutical, Food Supplement, Food, Cosmetic, Beverage and other industry for whom need such Packaging equipment. Through our accumulated experience, we provide satisfied solution in accordance with user’s requirement.

Global Network

We are linking with our global network. And, we keep searching and improving the Korea packaging equipment.

Strong Partnership

The Strong Partnership and relationship with manufacturers have been built through our past cooperated experiences.

Various Experiences

we have quite strong advantages. According to the User’s requirement, we study, discuss with manufacturers and communicate with customers.

Project Leader

Leading the project start from the beginning. We provide qualified Validation documents, and required Factory and Site Acceptance Test as well. All necessary exporting process, including packing and freight, and After Sales Service are all managed by P&P Partners Corporation.